Move Into the January Greens!


Have you heard of the January Blues? Well lots of folks seem to be talking about how January gets them down.


But have you noticed that what you talk about, the things you actually say out loud, and the things you think, seem to come to reality? So maybe if you’re thinking of the January blues, you’re more likely to experience them. Self-talk can be so very powerful. It’s like setting an intention, and who wants their intention to be sadness?!

If you do feel a wave of blueness, maybe do a little search for a class to Move you Into Happiness? Our searches by emotions are here for you for when you’re needing a little pep me up.

I’m very careful with my self-talk and I try to be very careful with my words, because they are meaningful. They change realities, they change people’s perceptions, my words and thoughts, in a very real way, create the world I live in. Our words are Mantras – if you’ve tried Zephry’s Loving Kindness class you’ll find some loving mantras to replace any negative self-talk.

And if you feel like giving your body and mind a bit of a renewal this January, instead of the January Blues, let’s move into the January Greens again! We’re running our Cellular Renewal Programme, in conjunction with Better Raw, on 14th January. The Cellular Renewal is a tough but worthwhile challenge if you want your body to feel lighter and press ‘re-set’ on your cells. The idea is that our cells renew all the time, we get the opportunity for transformation every single day in our cells, so if you’re producing them, let’s produce the best, most vibrant cells.

Join the retreat to get daily raw food recipes and a daily yoga practice and straight into your inbox each day you’ll get ideas every day for ways to live better and cleaner. The raw food vegan diet isn’t for everyone, but if you can commit to doing it for a week, we guarantee you’ll feel renewed and refreshed.  In previous years we’ve found that some people see it through to the end, some don’t manage it all, but even those folks get a takeaway of new recipes, ideas, and ways of eating more healthily. So if you want to give your body some real refreshment and love this January, this is a great way to do it. It’s entirely FREE for our subscribers.

Wishing you the most beautiful of rainbow-coloured January’s  – not just full of blue, but full of every colour in the rainbow!

With Love

Kat xx


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