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First of all, I’d love to thank all of you who have supported us during October when we supported Breast Cancer Awareness charity, CoppaFeel!

It really does mean the world to me that as a small business leader, I get to support charities who are doing such brilliant work, and especially small charities and organisations where even our humble contribution makes a difference.

A Focus on Mental Health

We’re now moving into November where we’re supporting Movember – in our own way by focusing on our mental health. During these often busy, sometimes overwhelming times, it’s so important for all of us to try to keep anxiety at bay and take a pause to stop us from feeling so frazzled. I know that especially for men, it can be hard to take a stand for their mental as well as physical health and the men in our lives sometimes don’t pause to take a breath.

Breath Work To The Rescue

This month I’ll be looking at ways to keep positive, keep anxiety at bay. One thing that I have found absolutely transformational is breath-work.

I am absolutely thrilled to pieces to announce our newest challenge, Dan’s Ten Day Breath Challenge. In just ten days you’ll learn tools and techniques to help keep calm in stressful situations as well as learning different breath-work patterns from diverse schools of thought, not just from yoga traditions.

Hopefully you’ll learn ways to pause, finding length and breadth in your breath-work during your movement practices. Folks who know me know that I’m an anxious person, but the funny thing is that when we get told to ‘take a deep breath’ that can be very anxiety-inducing! It can send our head into a whirlwind of questions about how to breathe. This challenge is to help you to know how to ‘take a deep breath’ when you know it’d help.

Comfort and Transformation

I discovered from when I was recovering from serious injuries following a car crash that even when our bodies let us down and we can’t move, our breath can be so deeply comforting and transformative. Our breath can teach us so much, and when we learn to deepen and strengthen our connection to the breath, life can seem so much more manageable.

I do hope you’ll sign up to the challenge which starts on 12th November and then we can all start it together, and we’ll be asking questions and digging deeper into the beautiful world of the breath on the Movers Group, Facebook and Instagram.

If Dan’s Breath Challenge sounds good to you, there is no better time to start your free trial or refer a friend so your friends can try the course too.

Kat and team MFML

5th November 2018

>>Breath Challenge: Sign Up Now!>>


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