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Team MFML and I are starting to decompress after all the fun and excitement of the Om Yoga Show. 

It really is so lovely to get to meet so many of you face to face. I do love my life online, but just nothing replaces looking into someone’s eyes and giving you big hug to ‘thank you’ for supporting us.

And we had so many hugs of thanks because we’ve enabled folks to practice at home to the best teachers. It’s so heartwarming and such a wonderful reminder that what we do is so important.

Some days it really is hard running a small business, and it can be so all-encompassing, that to meet our wonderful Movers face to face and hear how it’s going – well, it really does make all of the difference.

Some of our teachers were teaching classes and their students came to say hi and thank them for sharing their practices. I also gave two presentations, on the business of yoga and on the secrets of a home yoga practice. All lovely opportunities for people to connect with the folks they love online, offline and face to face.

Our Newest Teacher: Jonelle Lewis

I also really enjoyed time connecting with our newest teacher, Jonelle Lewis. She’s starred in some of Nikita’s classes as a student, and her practice is fiery vinyasa but she also mixes up with more restorative moves.


Kat and Jonelle

I’m delighted to announce that her first class is up on the site this week, a really lovely feisty vinyasa flow. I really hope you enjoy meeting her and practicing to her first class.

She’s an extraordinary woman, a true lifelong yogi, a wonderful mum and is on a mission to  make these practices accessible. I loved her Q&A on our blog. ‘What’s her favourite yoga accessory? Her breath!’ 

And because using our breath in a conscious way is the game-changer that is yoga, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce a countdown to our latest challenge. Dan’s 10-day Breathwork Challenge using breath as a tool to tackle stress and anxiety. I’d love for us all to start it together, on the first day which is 12th November.

Do sign up for it now. I’m sure that if you haven’t yet harnessed the transformative power of the breath, you’ll love it. And even for those pranayama fans, you’ll get so much out of this, there are so many new techniques. Anyway, I’ll write more on that next week.

With immense gratitude to you, our wonderful community

Kat and team MFML  xxx

29th October 2018

>>Brand New Breath Challenge: Sign Up Now!>>


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