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At the end of August, the kids have been running wild for a while now, and I just have the feeling that this is it – it’s all now or never, it’s time to grab the last pieces of summer here in the UK before it’s time to get back to the nitty gritty of life.

Often we can forget to just have fun. But seeing the kids do what they do naturally, just running feral, brings to mind the most fun, child-like qualities of life.

This is the week to go crazy, explore what really makes your heart sing. Is movement a part of this?

Seeing how kids move – seeing them roll down slopes, charge around, and using every part of their body and moving is such a good reminder to just move for the hell of it! Just because it feels great.

That’s really why I got into doing yoga in the first place, just because it feels amazing.

It can be easy to forget, sometimes, that we practice just because it feels wonderful, and why on earth wouldn’t we do something that makes us feel great?

But this week why not explore some fun, new practices – something a little different to your usual?

If you’re not an upside-downy kind of person, maybe this week is the week to look into the Handstand Challenge?  Just because it’s fun to go upside down!

Or just try cartwheels on the beach (don’t forget to stretch out first!).

Maybe this week is your period – well have you ever thought to celebrate your flow?

Maybe this is the time! Or if you’re going to do core work, keep it fun with Emma’s ever-popular Hanky-Planky!

Whatever you do, do it with joy and here’s hoping for some fun this week!

With love and joy

Kat and Team MFML

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