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This week, following last week’s thoughts about feeling the spaciousness in your practice and in your life – I want to think about the benefits of laziness. Usually, I’m a fan of resilience, of grit, of just ‘getting on and doing it’. But as it’s mid-August, I’m going to let us all off the hook and talk about the benefits of lack of self-control and making time to be lazy.

Usually, I say that the best things happen when we form an intention, get into a habit and make ourselves practice – this forms discipline, which is the backbone of a yoga practice. As you’ll know well, the key advantage to practicing at home is that you have to exercise your discipline muscle every day, which is very good for you.

So for all of us who like discipline, who thrive on control, who are careful with what we eat, what we think and what we do:  This week, for one week only, I’d love for you to let it all go!

Practice lack of self-control and see what happens. That doesn’t mean don’t roll out your mat and do your daily practice, but only do it if you feel like doing it. See if this week you can focus on just doing what you fancy, eating what you fancy and living life with some joie de vivre. Let go! Release control.

And just see what it feels like. This is an experiment. I don’t think that any of us should live our lives like this, but especially in an age where everyone is always telling us what we ‘should’ do, how about just letting go for a week?

And see what happens! You may find that, even your lazy self does the small old antics of your usual self. Take note and journal your findings of what it’s like to lose control a bit for a week.

And maybe take the best of what you’ve experienced to your everyday practice!

With love

Kat and Team MFML


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