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This is the second in our series where I explore Chakras for the non-believers (like me). When I first set up MFML, I promised myself that I’d never talk about Chakras with you, as I thought that they just weren’t ‘accessible’ enough. But you know what, rules are there to be broken, and the more I think about Chakras, the more I think that here is actually a lot for all of us, even us non-chakra lovers to learn from them.

The second chakra is located in the lower back and sexual organs and relates to creativity, change, flow, movement and of course, sexuality.

Now, I’m British, a little body-phobic and completely repressed.  I’m really not into hugging, let alone free spirited sexuality. You should have heard the giggles from Team MFML when they were asking about me writing about the sacral chakra. I can’t even talk about the second chakra without giggling.

I do find it interesting that the Sacrum (the lower back) has been called something which is very akin to sacred. It’s as close to the sacred as the body gets, but why do we find it so hard to discuss, let alone enjoy?

But the sacral chakra is all about moving into embodiment – I always felt that my body was a rather handy, if often annoying, vehicle for my mind. But the second chakra has us thinking and moving into the very experience of embodiment. When I practiced this very lovely, fluid class of Lucy’s what came up for me is how is it to not just have a body, but to BE a body in this world – a feminine or masculine version of ourselves? Our challenge this week is to start to love, to celebrate your very own version of your embodiment and your sexuality.

As Lucy says ‘Learning to Celebrate our bodies is High Yogic Work’. It is indeed. Revelling in the pleasure of movement, of embodiment, is really tough for us old puritans.

It is really important, in fact to connect to our bodies not just as handy vehicles for taking the mind around, but as central to the experience of being human. So connect to your sacral chakra this week – be bright, vibrant, unapologetic, be creative, be who you are fully and without reserve – every aspect of yourself. Express your creativity, your fluidity and find plenty of ways to feel great about yourself – and others! I do hope you enjoy Lucy’s Sacral Chakra class!

With love

Kat and Team MFML


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  1. Raymond

    Thank you very much. I have recently been getting into chakra to help strengthen my body and cure my hurt shoulder. I appreciate all the knowledge you have been able to give us! 🙂


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