Save a whale with Guppyfriend!


Every time you wash synthetic garments in a washing machine, plastic micro-fibres make their way into streams, rivers and ultimately, the ocean. But how can we stop them? Guppyfriend has a solution.

If you eat fish, the chances are these tiny plastic micro-fibres which make their way through the food chain, will also end up in your stomach. Not great, is it? Washing machines can’t filter these micro-fibres, and with washing contributing to 35% of micro-plastic pollution, it’s about time we did something about it. Guppyfriend is the easy and ideal solution.

What is Guppyfriend?

The Guppyfriend is the most effective way to prevent micro-plastic pollution. It is a wash bag which doesn’t shed any micro-fibres, yet catches all the micro-fibres from any synthetic garments you wash. It will also protect your garments, giving them a longer life. Making tiny habit changes can have a huge impact on our planet.


Guppyfriend is a not-for profit product. All proceeds goes towards funding research, education and running workshops for children. Did you know, 90% of house dust is made up of plastic fibres. That’s a lot of plastic you could be breathing in! So, Guppyfriend is now researching ways to stop that too.

Save our planet with one simple change!

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