Summer Heat: Finding Some Clarity


As we move into mid-summer in the UK, full of the mid-summer swelter and haze, it can be easy to move into mental as well as physical laziness. I’m fancying rolling out a deckchair and enjoying lolling about, my brain full of nothing much at all and having a big long daydream.

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It’s times like this that we need to focus on our minds a little. After all, summertime is also part of our consciously-lived life, it’s not a break from life! But it’s hard to stay focused, stay clear when all around seem to be going daft.

My mind seems to want to wander, my eyes are looking into the mid-distance, and my brain is a fog and I feel like life should be one long savasana. But guess what? NOW is the time to take that extra-deep full-body breath. The breath that enlivens the cells, gives focus and life to my brain.

My body craves lazinesss, but now is the time to just roll out your mat and MOVE!  Move into an enlivened, enhanced, transformed state – move for mental as well as physical clarity and calm. You may find you have first-mover advantage come-September! Zephyr has helped us out with a class to bring clarity and calm amidst the summer fun.

And we have a therapeutic practice and blog piece for post–natal women to help with abdominal separation. This is more common than you’d think, so if you’ve recently had a baby, you might want to check this out!

With love and clarity

Kat and Team MFML xx



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