Yoga Nidra Made Easy |  Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli 


What exactly is Yoga Nidra? And how to make it easy and accessible for everyone? This new book, from MFML teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, is the guide you have been waiting for!

Welcome to your experience of yoga nidrā: an effortless state of restful being in freedom. Yoga nidrā is a horizontal meditation upon the threshold of sleep, a conscious way to rest that invites you to nourish every aspect of yourself. It may look as if absolutely nothing is happening, but the deepest of restoration is occurring.

First, we simply remind you that you have already experienced yoga nidrā. Second, we guide you to recall what you already know, by sharing the essence of yoga nidrā in the simplest words, through easy rhythmic games and recipes to help you experience this cyclical process of restoration and integration, whenever and however suits you best, in your own time, on your own terms.

Yoga nidrā is not just a practice, but also a form of awareness; not simply a technique, but a naturally cyclical nurturing process for entering and inhabiting restful and creative states of consciousness that are every rested human’s birthright. To encounter yoga nidrā is to rest in freedom. We believe yoga nidrā is everybody’s treasure, and the radical intention of this book is to liberate that treasure for you and for everyone everywhere who wants to experience natural yoga nidrā.

Just how simple are you prepared to let this be? If you can recall what it is like to have fallen asleep and woken up again, then you know how it feels to be in yoga nidrā. You can welcome this nourishing and restorative experience again, any time you like – no movement necessary, no teacher necessary, no special equipment necessary (except a timer!)

Making yoga nidrā easy makes it accessible. Humans who practice yoga nidrā can rise up rested and nourished, able to be fully and freely themselves. Yoga nidrā can help people face the everyday challenges, injustices, sufferings, and joys of being human with balance, dignity, and the inner strength of deep resilience. Practising yoga nidrā invites freedom from stress by restoring the natural rhythmic cycles that support all life. This is a vital resource for everyone. Yoga Nidrā Made Easy brings authentic yoga nidrā to the people now to expert, reliable guidance, and authentic recordings for their personal practice.

We are Uma and Nirlipta, cofounders of the Yoga Nidrā Network, and we wrote this book for you. We are here to make yoga nidrā easy for you, to guide you through an effective, gradual approach to an authentic process of yogic sleep.

We know from the direct experience of our students, our teachers, and our own – just as many millions of other people around the world know – that yoga nidrā is a powerful, radically nourishing practice that can deeply restore healthy sleep, vitality, and creativity. Yoga Nidrā Made Easy unleashes the liberatory processes of yoga nidrā so that you can simply and easily practice it by yourself, anywhere, anytime, without depending upon commercial recordings and trademarked methods.

You’ll learn from your own direct experience of yoga nidrā how to make this process part of your daily life, improving sleep, relieving stress, and boosting energy and creativity. We’ve made yoga nidrā easy for you by condensing 10 years of training Total Yoga Nidrā facilitators into the world’s friendliest, simplest, and most thoroughly encouraging open invitation to make yoga nidrā your own.

Yoga Nidrā Made Easy by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli: This book distils the essence of our combined 60 years of yoga nidrā teaching experience and shares the benefits of this valuable process with you.

Photo Credit: Hay House UK

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD
writer, visionary, radical yogini,
Total Yoga Nidra advocate
and eco-feminist activist.
Co-Author of Yoga Nidrā Made Easy and a senior MFML teacher.


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