Yoga Tips For Busy Mums


How does yoga at home fit in with small kids? Time is short. And when you go upside down, suddenly you spot all the dust! We’ve come up with some practical tips for busy mums to help you get moving when it seems impossible.

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  • Small Steps. Before motherhood, a full on 90 minute class was probably what yoga meant. These days, squeezing in 20 minutes might be all you can manage. Remember, little and often is so much better than nothing at all.
  • Make an assessment. Does it feel indulgent to spend spare time doing yoga? Take a look at how long it takes to get to class: Travelling, getting changed, waiting to start & of course, doing some yoga. That’s going to take most people 3 hours. Compare that to a home video.  Maybe 30 minutes? Or however long you choose. Roll out your mat at home and you’ll have plenty of time for other jobs too.
  • Be Kind to yourself. We know it’s hard to get back into a video when your baby wakes up and interrupts. Just thank yourself for trying. Remember, there’s always tomorrow. And the day after that.
  • Choose a time & stick to it! Are you going to dedicate that special time when they’re actually at nursery or asleep? Or do you need that time for something else?   It is possible to do yoga with your kids there. . .

 If you choose yoga with kids, here’s what to do:

  • Forget about it being a meditative experience. Accept the situation. Breathe. And do it with the kids climbing round you. It’s so cute when they make a mini down dog underneath yours. And every kid loves to crawl under a Mummy-bridge!
  •  Get older kids to help out. They can sit on your knee in butterfly pose. They can lie on your back in forward folds. Some will even tuck you under a blanket for a quick savasana!
  • Make a bargain. After Mummy’s yoga you can do special children’s yoga. We love Jo Manuel’s Singalong for 2 – 5 year olds.  It’s so much fun!

And as for that dust you spotted? Forget it! Life’s too short.



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