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On 5 February 2019, the Chinese New Year begins, and with it, the Year of the Earth Pig. Good news: the Earth pig brings a practical, good-natured and patient approach towards life. Practice yoga, qigong and meditation to tap into Earth influenced energy.

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Wealth, luck and good fortune

Pigs in China are lucky signs: their chubbiness and round faces symbolise wealth, luck and good fortune. As animals, their dispositions are generally pleasant: they’re sociable, and easily pleased. They’re considered realistic yet optimistic animals who know how to enjoy life. Intelligence is also a defining characteristic: their quest for depth and knowledge make them good teachers and educators. And like the best teachers, they are understanding and patient. But the pig’s good qualities don’t stop there: among the 12 zodiac animals, pigs are renowned for keeping a circle of good friends. Their loyalty, even-temperedness and reliability make them popular company.  So what energies abound in a year of the Earth Pig?

What difference does it make that it’s an Earth-energy influenced year?

Like all animals, sometimes the pig’s personality traits can show up as shortcomings.  Their honesty and sincerity can sometimes make them naïve and easily swindled. Their natural ability to enjoy life can also show up as a lazy, materialistic or self-indulgent side. As an Earth-energy influenced year, the pig’s pragmatism can turn into excessive caution and a lack of fun!

What does this mean for you, your health and overall wellbeing?

2019 is a good year to cultivate gradual, practical and well-structured and realistic goals.  Implement feasible changes to things such as exercise, diet and lifestyle. For example, rather than promise to do yoga for an hour and meditation for 30 minutes every day of the week, try starting with 30 min of yoga and 15 minutes of meditation three times a week for one month. After one month, revisit this process and continue it or adjust it to suit your schedule.

>> Try this Meditation on the Elements <<

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Seek out the company of your friends, and involve them in your exercise routines. This will stop you being too cautious and missing out on fun.  Stay aligned with some of the pig’s natural inclinations to teach and learn, by putting some energy towards self-study by learning a new style of yoga or trying mind-body movement such as qigong. This will harness the pig’s innate quest to teach and learn in a way that supports your own growth and development.  Also, if you are a teacher, the pig’s energy could support you to teach clearly or even be the catalyst you need to begin!

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Get Earthy

Lastly, if you have ever seen a pig in mud, their faces tell us nothing could make them happier. The simple pleasures that our friendly pig derives from what we consider the muck and dirt of life can be a good lesson for us. Today, scientists today are finding that dirt makes us happy, too. In fact, a group of professors at the University of Colorado’s Department of Integrative Physiology and Center for Neuroscience are wondering if dirt may be the new Prozac. They are researching whether the soil bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, might regulate our emotional behaviour through its ability to affect our immune system and reduce inflammation.  

To truly embrace the Year of the Earth Pig, consider taking time to get your hands in some body-regulating and inflammation-reducing dirt. Do this by potting some seeds or planting some herbs. Walk your feet through some soft, rain-soaked grass or along a dirt path. Maybe even set a date with some friends to roll around in a puddle one day, and let the richness of the earth and all its nutrients bring joy to your porcine heart.

Mimi  teaches vinyasa yoga, qigong and meditation. Mimi encourages a combination of playfulness and precision and encourages students to explore how sitting, breathing and conscious movement can provide clear perspective on being human. You can find


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