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Happy Chinese New Year – it’s year of the Pig!

I do think it’s such a shame that here in the west pigs get such a bad reputation. Utterly needlessly, they’re clean, intelligent, fun animals, are easily trained and make excellent pets. The year of the pig is a year for the qualities of reliability, good teachers and a thirst for knowledge.

Wonderful Traits Of The Pig

As our fabulous Mimi tells us in her blog, the year of the pig is likely to bring the wonderful traits of honesty, pragmatism and intelligence to the fore (being careful not to turn the pragmatism to excessive caution and seriousness!!).

What I love about the Year of the Pig, according to Mimi, is that
‘2019 is a good year to cultivate gradual, practical and well-structured and realistic goals’.

Evolution Not Revolution

Which really does tie into my theme last week of making step by step changes, making our move into a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle one of evolution not revolution. But this is a good year, by the sounds of it, to go ahead and make those changes! You have the universe conspiring for your success if 2019 is a year for you to make small but important changes.
This is a year to fit in your 10 minute yoga or meditation practice every day – rather than a 3 hour class once a week. Or to just cut down on processed foods or animal products, rather than giving them up altogether. It’s a year we can all learn how to be pragmatic. There’s no point in getting overwhelmed about ‘project health’, doing yoga once a week and eating crisps and bacon every other day (think of those intelligent pigs!!).

Make this year about small, daily habits. One daily habit that we all could, perhaps, do with, is reminding ourselves, and our loved ones, about is the habit of self-care and loving yourself.

The Month Of Love

We’re now in February which is the month of love. There is no more important love than love for yourself. Getting to know yourself, getting comfortable with yourself, so that you can make decisions which resonate and are straight from your heart.
In readiness for that, I’m doing our fabulous Embrace your Essence challenge with amazing Kirsti Norton. It’s a brilliant series, soft, gentle but physical. It includes meditation as well as movement and Yoga Nidra. Doing this challenge is like giving yourself a full body hug. And who wouldn’t want that.

Come join us on the Movers group to join into the Embrace your Essence challenge, it’s a real goodie 😉

Much love
Kat and Team MFML


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