Happy Solstice To You


Our dearest movers, here in the UK it’s the darkest day of the year today, and the day on which we start to let light in again.

christmas cheer

Christmas can be a challenging time for many of us, for many reasons. Take a look at my blog in Huffington Post this week about how Christmas is to me this year. And take the opportunity to reflect, before the inevitable Christmas emotional rollercoasters, on how the last half year has been, and what you will seek to do to bring the light back into your life and to keep your inner world bright and beautiful.

For our special Christmas and Solstice treat to you, we would like to offer you a new FREE CHALLENGE (free to our subscribers). This one is really do-able over the Christmas period as it’s only 2 minutes per day! But, it’s the Fire Challenge with wonderful Andrea, so on the darkest day, it will bring light, transformation and strength into your lives. We really recommend you do your 2 fiery minutes per day over the holidays (and who doesn’t have 2 minutes!) and just see if you rise, Phoenix-like, and energised after Christmas ready for bringing in the New Year.

If you have enjoyed MFML this year, this is your last opportunity to grab 50% off giving the gift of Movement before Christmas. Your chance for last-minute pressies!

All of the team and teachers at MFML have worked so hard to keep your inner self bright, we really hope that you’re enjoying our classes, our improvements and our teachers. We wish you the very happiest of Christmasses, and a bright Solstice, with an abundance of health, love and light in your lives.

Very Merry Solstice and Christmas

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

This article was written for Winter Solstice 2015 by Movement for Modern Life’s fabulous founder, Kat Farrants.


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