Max Strom

Max Strom

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, and author known for his two inspiring books: A Life Worth Breathing and There is No App for Happiness. Max’s interdisciplinary method, Inner Axis, is an innovative method that incorporates well-being exercises, breath-work, and breath-based yoga movement to generate personal health and growth.


Max's challenges:

  • 30 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge

    30 Steps

    Beginners or returners! Get started now and begin reaping the benefits of daily yoga.

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  • Move Into Calm: Yoga to reset and recentre

    24 Steps

    Reset and recentre with yoga classes to help balance anxiety.

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  • Perform at your Best

    11 Steps

    A course to help you prepare for a big event

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  • Frazzle Free Festivities

    32 Steps

    32 classes to rest and restore throughout the festive season.

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