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Have you ever felt you’ve needed to just stop, re-boot and start right over again?

breath movement
Sometimes it seems that life is just asking to be re-jigged. Movement is needed. How do I know? Well, little subtle ‘pointers’ from the universe. Things that are just a little more tricky than usual. Whereas normally things just seem to slot into place, this week life has thrown some interesting shapes at me, and I think that a clearing, some changes, some re-jigging and re-booting of life might be in order.

But before any big move, before life takes on its next shape, I’m reminded from my yoga practice that prior to any movement, we breathe.

In yoga, we initiate movement with the breath. We don’t move on the inhale or exhale, but we start the breath and the movement follows our breath. So as in life, our thoughts, which are after all energy, move first, and then action follows. Energy is prana, is breath, is life-force. The life lesson I’m going to have to learn this coming week is to focus, listen to the signs from the universe, work out what needs to be cleared and then take the action. But no action, no movement can be taken without first gathering the energy and initiating the breath.

This week in your practice, see if you can focus on the initiation of the breath. And in the initiation, that moment where the breath just starts, and you enjoy the first moments of new energy, just see if you notice the movement that naturally follows.

Enjoy watching your breath and your movement, and report back on our Facebook Movers Page!

With love

Kat and Team MFML

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