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I’m not sure about you, but for me, life can just get so serious!! Let’s take note from the kids and move into playfulness this week!

It’s serious business running a business, being a mum, a daughter, doing all the roles I’m meant to be doing. Then there’s the planet to save, the right food to eat, the right things to say to not offend.

I sometimes just feel that life’s, well, a little serious! And it feels to me like our playtime, which is our daily yoga or mindfulness or conscious breathing, can get a little serious too!!

We all like to feel a sense of accomplishment in our practice, but perhaps we can get caught up in this search for accomplishment, and that the sense of exploration, of adventuring into different body shapes gets lost in our search for a perfect shape?

Breaking the rules

Yoga is a beautiful practice because it gives us a lovely structure to our exploration of shapes – but sometimes a structure is wonderful because it gives us the ability to break away. Perhaps we have rules in order to break them?

This week is half-term for the kids and I’d love us all to harness their sense of playfulness, child-like curiosity in your daily yoga class and in everything you’re up to this week.

Our playful teachers

There’s perhaps no teacher who instills such a sense of playfulness and fun as our Dan Peppiatt, who manages to teach the serious business of joint mobility in a way that will have you harnessing your playful inner teacher.

Our Naomi, a teacher’s mentor, is another wise soul who has a sense of rule-breaking to her yoga, movement, meditation and breathing classes. Her breath practice this week is such a deep, beautiful class but brought with a real sense of exploration and joy.

We also introduce Mimi’s third class in yoga to nourish and support series. To me, Mimi is the epitome of someone who has done the work and is now able to surrender, let go and the rest is play.

Perhaps we can harness these amazing teacher’s sense of play this week?

Let me know how you get along with your play in our Movers group, a group where we all can play, explore and adventure into the serious business of living better, together.

With love
Kat and Team MFML


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