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This week I’m feeling absolutely full of springtime joy and thoroughly refreshed. I’m just back from a 3 night retreat with our wonderful teacher Mimi. The theme was welcoming in the light of spring! We learnt about practices to help us to navigate through springtime energy, using the Chinese medicine concept of the Wood element.

As I understood it, wood energy is about learning to find stability through change. When the winds of springtime and the inevitable challenges in our lives come up, we have the ability to find our roots and be strong, but importantly, flexible, to weather life’s storms.

Qigong & Yoga

The practices we learnt were meditation, QiGong and Yoga – often combined. I really found them to be heart-opening and very helpful to me in my personal journey navigating the waters of leading a community with kindness. Especially for us home yogis, going to retreat, to journey inward to re-set and re-calibrate our intentions for life is absolutely crucial.

With retreat fresh in my mind, our the annual MFML Annual Retreat With Lucy has just been released to our Movers! It’s already selling out fast, so if you’d like to come with us to Suryalila in November, do check out the details here and book your spot asap! 

The retreat made me think that, no matter how long we have been practicing for, or how advanced we may believe ourselves to be, it’s also nice to be able to try different things, to try different styles. If you don’t know anything about qigong, I really do recommend trying Mimi’s or Joo’s yoga/qigong fusion classes.

Stuck in a yoga rut

But perhaps you’re stuck in a bit of a ‘yoga rut’, or maybe you’ve never really tried some different styles. Springtime is the perfect time to try something a little different! We’ve come up with a new course for you, it’s Try Your Style – you never know what practices you might learn to love if you try something completely different!

We also have lots of wonderful people joining me on my 30 days of accountability challenge in our Movers group. It’s never too late to join in, if you’d like to start springtime with a spring in your step and commit to a daily practice with us all.

And our newest classes this week are with Robin and are especially for those of us going through Exam stress, but are also really wonderful for dealing with any kind of anxiety as it crops up.


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