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Move into the Present Moment and make time to check in…

Next time you take a class, be it yoga, qigong, mindfulness or meditation – or whatever your conscious movement and breathwork practice is, take a moment before class to really check in with how you feel, this brings us into the present.

I don’t know about you, but for me, when I practice online at home, I can be tempted to rush through parts, to not really sit peacefully at the beginning of class. But in fact, that moment of peace when class is just about to start, where you ‘check in’ and really start to come into your body is so crucial.

Many of us live in our heads, and our bodies are the slightly inconvenient vehicle for our ideas. But to really experience moment by moment presence, we have to be in our bodies.

Which is why yoga is such a useful practice. When we do get into the habit of ‘checking in’ with our bodies at the start of class, not only is this mind awareness training to come into the present, but it’s wonderful to remind us of how we feel before, and then do the same after, class. And then we can realise the strength of the practice and that will remind us of the importance of our daily class.

For the younger people in our life

Those who are especially ‘in their heads’ are the young people who are doing their exams right now.

Next week we’re launching our full ‘sharpen your mind’ course, do look out for that and maybe let young people who you care about know about the amazing resources and ‘superpowers’ that they could gain with constructive work breaks! And a practice for getting them ‘out of their head’, into their bodies and present.

And for all of us, including me, who suffers from anxiety and overwhelm, this week’s Manage Anxiety class from Robin and Catherine’s de-clutter will I’m sure give you those super-powers, whilst the second class from newest teacher, Kristin, will sort out those hips which need attention whilst you’ve been at your desk!

With love, Kat & Team MFML xxx


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