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We all know that we can manage our emotions through our yoga practice. You’ll probably have discovered, as I have done, how feelings of ‘blurgh’ can be transformed almost immediately to feelings of energy and positivity. Or just moving into a better feeling.

Kat Farrants
Dealing With Stress

But yoga is such a powerful tool in our toolbox for everyday life in dealing with stress too. I’m not sure about you, but for me, the time of greatest stress was probably as a teenager doing my exams. I wish that I’d discovered breathing techniques, mindfulness and conscious movement before I stressed myself silly in those exam moments!

Naturally, I’m a very stressed-out, anxious individual. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and of course, I run my own business, which is a fairly stressful occupation at the best of times! I’m not at all the laissez-faire yogini who I aspire to be, and despite my years of yoga and meditation, I still have strong attachments to my desired outcomes. But I just think, well, if I didn’t have my practices, I’d probably have found some other less useful ‘tools’ to deal – like drinking or eating too much, or somehow numbing things. I love that I can still be over-anxious me, but I now know when I’m in that mode, and with the awareness, I can use breath-work to consciously reduce my stress. I wonder if you’re doing the same?

Help for Teens

As you’ll know, we’ve teamed up with amazing Teen Yoga Teacher, Robin, who as the youngest yoga teacher in the UK to qualify as a teacher, (which was two years ago, when she was 16), brings these amazing practices of stillness and focus to teens. Perhaps you’ve checked out our Teen Section. I do encourage you to take a look, or perhaps encourage your younger friends and members of your family too. Now is an excellent time to gift a subscription to them too!


yoga for teens

For me, yoga, meditation and mindfulness have been amazing in helping me deal with overwhelm, increase focus and reduce stress – all tools so useful to those doing their exams right now.

Really good luck in exam timeand for the rest of us, do take a look at these classes to Increase Focusand Reduce Stress/Anxiety – things I think we could all do with some help with!



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