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This November we’re focusing on our mental health, and particular it’s Movember and we’re focusing on men’s mental health. One thing that is so important for all of us to keep ourselves happy is community. There is a loneliness endemic, which is so bizarre as we’ve all never been so connected on the internet.

I don’t mind admitting that running a business online and working 24/7, especially in the first couple of years, has been, at times, a very lonely escapade. The problem with practicing online, working online and doing everything online is that there is less room for connection.

Now for me, the upside is immense – it means that you get to do things in your own time, everything is so much more efficient!  But it does mean that we all need to make a conscious effort now to connect, whereas in the old way of doing things we’d see people more naturally.

There also is a big difference in being alone and feeling lonely, as sometimes a connection is something felt, we can feel unity even when we’re on our own.

The Breath Challenge

Feeling a deep connection to the breath really does help with feelings of loneliness, and of course there’s time to sign up to our Breath Challenge to counter feelings of anxiety. And the lovely thing is, we are all starting today on November 12th, so you’ll know that we’re doing it all together. The team and I will be posting our thoughts on the facebook movers group and we’d love you to join in with that too.

Breath Challenge

So let’s make more of a conscious effort to team up with others. Perhaps use our Refer a Friend scheme to practice with someone, so that even if you practice on your own, you feel supported and have someone to encourage you to roll out your mat.

We have our MFML Retreat next week at Suryalila, which will become an annual event for catching up with each other. It’ll be a lovely chance for us online folks to get offline and give each other real-life hugs 😉

Do post on Instagram and Facebook about how you’re getting on with the Breathwork Challenge.

We’re Hiring!

And one more thing –we’re hiring! 

team mfml

Kat’s needing some help with her 24/7 workload and needs a super-organised administrator. The role can be done remotely, but we’d prefer someone who can come to Stroud in Gloucestershire once a week… Please do share the job description with anyone you think would enjoy finding out how MFML works from the inside!

With love, Kat

12 November 2018



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