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We’re in the week of Love! Have you been doing the Embrace Your Essence Challenge with us? I’ve been loving daily classes and emails to help me come home to myself and fall truly, madly, deeply in love with life.

With so much in this week focused on the love of another, it’s worth remembering that love isn’t all about someone else, and isn’t always about transferring feelings to someone or something, it’s really just who we are deep down!

In fact, this week, why not celebrate the love without parameters – which is the deepest love there can be, the love of living a rich life, in the knowledge that we’re all beautifully, and perfectly, interconnected.

This week, I wrote an article in Huffington Post which was all about falling in love again. It seems silly, but to me, my deepest love of my yoga practice, is very much like my love of nature and all there is in life. In fact it’s so weird that for years I felt such a separation between me and others and the rest of life:

“I think that I’m finally starting to understand what ‘doing yoga’ is now, and how it feels. It doesn’t feel like a shape, but it does feel like a sense of connectedness to all of life. What does this feeling of interconnectedness feel like? It’s very much like love. It’s a very deep sense of wonder, enchantment, and curiosity

I have a massive crush on life, the twists and turns of daily living, of nature, animals and the planet, and of the feeling of being embodied in this human, fallible body. This Valentine’s day, I’m sure that there can be no deeper love than this, and I’m so grateful to have found a love like this.”

This Valentine’s day, how about sending all the love that you have, that you’re capable of, that you’ve ever felt before or could have felt in the past to yourself. As my friend, Senior Jivamukti teacher and wisest woman I’ve ever met Andrea Kwiatkwoski said (in my own words), rather than seeking love, it’s about being love.

So, instead of thinking about the love you might feel for another, how about just being the embodiment of love, just for the day…

with love

Kat xx


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Moving From Your Heart

Of course, we’ve got yoga for this! Why not try this super fun full length class with Leila Sadeghee? Filmed live at Inbaba Yoga this is an all-level flowing class with the intention of love and loving.

>>Love Vinyasa>>

moving from your heart


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