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The slower pace of Hatha classes makes it suitable for beginners. The emphasis is on simplicity and slowness, however it also provides a focus for more advanced practitioners and the possibility to explore the merging of breath, mind and body: it may be simple but that doesn’t mean it is easy.


  • Restore yourself: Drop into stillness42:21
    Restore yourself: Drop into stillness

    Joo Teoh

    A great yoga class to end a frantic day. This class winds you down and prepares you to drop into deep peaceful sleep. With hatha and restorative poses, this class is a great way into a settled and calming evening. Class starts standing with gentle neck rolls, then gentle hip stretches and finally lying down in long holds so you can drop into a meditative state. Although class calls for two bolsters, rolled blankets or cushions will work just as well.

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