summer solstice

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It’s summer solstice week! Happy Solstice and longest day of the year to you! I do hope you’re managing to get outside and enjoy the light, and maybe play with the lighter side of life?

summer solstice

I don’t know about you, but for me, the half year since I was writing about winter solstice has flown by.

Already we have the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s just wonderful to celebrate the bright, the light, the fire, the Yang and the energy in our lives.

For me, at this time of year, I wake up a lot earlier than usual and find that I have so many extra hours in my day to practice! I wake early, I practice, I then have time for long morning and evening walks either side of the working day and then practice a steadying Yin class in the evening and as I turn into bed, it’s still just getting dark.

How wonderful to spend so much time energised, outdoors and doing strong, movement based classes. It really does make me fall back in love with the practice, especially a more feisty vinyasa class. As the clothes shed, freeing my shoulders in this warmer weather, I feel lighter, brighter and energetic from all the yoga.

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But in the same way as during the Yin, winter months, when I caution against too much ‘grounded’ and earthy energy, against too much stillness and calm, here the caution is against too much fire. We don’t want to burn ourselves out! So do make sure that, if like me you’re feeling fiery and energetic, you give yourself your Yin yoga classes at the end of the day. This is a great time of year to take up quieter, stillness practices of meditation or mindfulness too, especially at the start or end of the day. Just to make sure your fires don’t burn too brightly.

With love
Kat and team MFML

This week we are loving…
fiery vinyasa
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