Clare Beagley

Clare Beagley

Clare discovered the stress-relieving benefits of yoga over 16 years ago when she travelled the world as a film-maker for the BBC. Yoga gave her a tool to manage her busy life but also a greater sense of possibility and peace. She is loved by her students for her lightness and strength and offers each student clarity and a deep sense of calm, weaving movement and breath with precise alignment.

Clare is dedicated to making the life-affirming practices of yoga accessible to a wider audience, bringing her two passions together. She is the Visual Director for Movement for Modern Life and teaches in the City of London at Blue Cow Yoga.

“I have always had a deep love for people and for movement which led me to the path of yoga 16 years ago. It is a great tool to take with me as I've travelled with work - and help me de-stress and hit 'refresh'. In my work as a filmmaker my aim is to give people a voice to tell their own story. As a Yoga teacher I feel the same ”yoga gives us the keys to find freedom on the body and tell our own unique story in the most authentic, expressive way".

Clare teaches at Blue Cow Yoga.

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