Yoga Courses

We have courses to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s a physical pose, better sleep or simply to learn how to relax into our best selves. Sometimes we need extra motivation to reach our goals. Our courses allow you to explore themed classes at your own pace. Because life is busy enough, it’s nice to be flexible that some days you may fancy doing a few classes, some days none. If flexibility is what you’re after, pick a course that suits your needs and move through our classes.

  • Ageless Movement
    Ageless Movement

    32 Steps

    Age is a relative concept. Whilst we don’t believe there is any one appropriate yoga for seniors, we do believe that maintaining movement as we age is vital.

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  • Work Break
    Work Break

    28 Steps

    30 classes under 30 minutes to help you refresh during the working day.

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  • Take Heart: Recover Gently
    Take Heart: Recover Gently

    15 Steps

    Gentle yoga to help you recover from stress or illness.

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  • Yoga Gently
    Yoga Gently

    25 Steps

    Gentle yoga classes which are perfect if you are less mobile, recovering from illness or injury, are older or new to yoga.

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  • Immunity and Wellbeing
    Immunity and Wellbeing

    15 Steps

    A series of classes to help support your immunity and wellbeing.

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  • Yoga At Your Desk
    Yoga At Your Desk

    10 Steps

    Super short videos to renew your body and mind.

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  • Chair and Bed Yoga
    Chair and Bed Yoga

    17 Steps

    Chair and Bed Yoga for less mobile times offering gentle yet strong classes.

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  • Travel Unravel
    Travel Unravel

    7 Steps

    Classes to support you to travel mindfully and arrive at your destination calm and centred.

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