Healthy Hips

  • Release The Day With Yoga20:35
    Release The Day With Yoga

    Rakhee Jasani

    A gentle, nourishing hatha yoga class, perfect to calm after a long day. Learn to rest in the exhale as you stretch out the areas in which you most commonly hold tension. Expect a gentle hip and low back release, massage with a ball, side stretch, and end in savasana with a guided relaxation. You'll need a blanket, a bolster, a yoga brick and a tennis ball.

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  • Yin Yang Yoga01:03:45
    Yin Yang Yoga

    Dirish Shaktidas

    This yoga class is a wonderful combination of yin yoga together with yang (more active) elements. It starts with a seated yin yoga pose to clear out the noise of the day and bring us into a position of grounding, stability and equanimity. We then move through a forward folding flow for the first part of the class to let go of the mind chatter. Class finishes off with yin yoga poses for hip openings and a sweet, long, relaxing Savasana.

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  • Stretch & Strengthen: Legs & Bums37:51
    Stretch & Strengthen: Legs & Bums

    Clive Fogelman

    This well-rounded yoga and mindful movement class has a focus on stretching and strengthening the glute muscles, and features plenty of standing balancing poses. This yoga class is ideal for those who walk regularly, run, cycle or do other physical sports or activities as strong glutes are vital for maintaining hip and lower back health. Strong, lifted and well stretched glutes also help to prevent injury, and are especially important for those of us who lead more sedentary lives.

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  • Menopause Yoga: Befriending Your Body50:03
    Menopause Yoga: Befriending Your Body

    Petra Coveney

    A soothing and calming yoga class to cool hot flushes and help you surrender to the natural process of change associated with the perimenopause and menopause. Expect hip opening stretches and simple somatic movements through the spine which lead to a restorative yoga practice, followed by a deep relaxation, a guided meditation and a mantra. This class is taught wholly on the floor and is very gentle and grounding. It is designed to help you befriend your body with kindness and self-compassion at a time when your body is transforming and can feel out of your control. You will need a yoga mat, a strap or belt, 1 bolster and 2 cushions (or household equivalents), and 2 blocks (or thick books). NB - Modifications: take extra care with hip and knee injuries. Osteoporosis: avoid flexion rounding your back in forward folds; keep your spine straight. Trauma: please note that hip opening poses and stretches across the chest can release tension but may also trigger trauma. Follow your own breathing pace, pause the practice when needed and find a comfortable resting pose.

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  • Pregnancy Yoga: Hips & Legs30:55
    Pregnancy Yoga: Hips & Legs

    Nikita Akilapa

    This pregnancy yoga class will help with discomfort in the hips and legs, which can be quite common in pregnancy, from Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) to antenatal Sciatica, Restless Leg Syndrome to full on leg cramps. This class is designed to alleviate some of these niggles, helping you feel more comfortable in your body. Suitable for all trimesters.

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  • Yoga Step by Step 340:29
    Yoga Step by Step 3

    Kate Walker

    Get ready to progress your practice. In the third class in this Step by Step hatha yoga series, you’ll find additions to the first and second classes including sunbathing pigeon, plank pose, high lunge, tree with side bend, seated twist pose, double pigeon and rolling bridge.

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  • Your Daily Hips Practice21:44
    Your Daily Hips Practice

    Adam Hocke

    This short yoga class helps to mobilise, strengthen and relax the hips through their full range of motion. Practise this class regularly as a preparation for your time on your mat or simply to feel good in your body. A perfect class for after long sedentary periods, either working at a desk or travelling. You may need a couple of bricks and a blanket.

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  • Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health01:13:18
    Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health

    Gabriella Espinosa

    This yoga class brings awareness to the pelvic floor and lower body through breath, gentle movement and deep relaxation. Starting with a long relaxation, we then bring gentle movement to the body, practicing yoga poses to bring tone and range of movement to the pelvic floor. Class ends with a guided lower body relaxation. Pelvic Floor health is essential as we transition into Perimenopause and Menopause. As our levels of oestrogen begin to fluctuate, this can have an effect on the tone and elasticity of the pelvic floor. Increased levels of stress and anxiety during this time can also lead to hypertonic or overactive pelvic floor muscles caused from too much tension or tightening of the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor muscles can also be weak or hypotonic meaning the muscles are not providing enough support for the bowels, bladder, and uterus. You will need a bolster, blankets, two cork bricks (if you have them, or books), a belt, sandbag or weights (optional).

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  • Fiery Yoga for the Hips31:45
    Fiery Yoga for the Hips

    Vidya Heisel

    A yoga class to deepen, strengthen and open the hips, moving to a peak pose of Crescent Moon. Start with sun salutations, then prepare the body with backbends. You will need access to a clear wall, as we use a wall first of all for a modified inverted Crescent Moon, and then to deepen our crescent. You will need two blocks, a strap and a blanket.

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  • Mandala Salutations: Fiery Flanks34:00
    Mandala Salutations: Fiery Flanks

    Katarina Rayburn

    This is a swift-moving mandala salutation vinyasa yoga class. If you only have a spare half hour, it’s a sure and fast way to get you flowing and sweating. This power yoga class focuses on stretching and strengthening through your side body. Expect lots of lovely twists, plank variations and (optional) inversions. The mandala practice moves 360 degrees around your mat, so perhaps watch the first couple of flows to find out where Katarina takes you, or listen intently, as you won't always be able to see the screen. This change of perspective is a perfect way to change the way you look at life, getting insight from new ways of seeing things. The class focuses on igniting Agni (internal fire) and bringing awareness to Manipura chakra, our source of willpower and transformation. This class is the pure-flow for those who just need to move but if you want to extend this practice we recommend taking a supine twist to wake up the target area.

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  • Fun Forrest Inspired Yoga for Strength50:23
    Fun Forrest Inspired Yoga for Strength

    Ash Bond

    This strong, hatha yoga class is inspired by Forrest yoga; it is strengthening and really great fun! Start with abdominal work and strengthening goddess pose, then explore how to lean into support: support of the props; of our experience; of our deep, considered breath. If you have dipped your toe into the Forrest Yoga pool already, this class is a chance to play with some arm balances and some stronger hamstring work. You will need two blocks, a blanket and a bolster (if you have one) for our exploration of splits and frog over a bolster.

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  • Jivamukti Yoga: Restore & Renew47:01
    Jivamukti Yoga: Restore & Renew

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This Jivamukti yoga class will release tension from the body and calm the mind. Take this class anytime you feel overwhelmed and could do with a break, or perhaps to wind down after work. Class includes simple movements. breath-work, hip openers, long holds in your poses, meditation and a deep guided relaxation. You will need a block, strap and blanket for the class.

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  • Fiery Forrest Yoga Inspired Class48:14
    Fiery Forrest Yoga Inspired Class

    Ash Bond

    This strong, hatha yoga class is inspired by Forrest yoga and designed to ignite the light inside of us. Forrest yoga focuses on releasing a stiff neck and strengthening the shoulders. This yoga class has a particular focus on opening the back and hips with some powerful work to fire up the core and unlock our shoulders. The perfect class as an antidote to sedentary modern life! There is an intention to bring awareness to our breath and to soften, even in intensity. You will need a rolled up blanket and a towel for our abdominals.

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  • Slow Flow Yoga35:07
    Slow Flow Yoga

    Clive Fogelman

    A beautiful, well-rounded slow flow yoga class. The focus is particularly on a feeling of length and openness in the lower body. This gentle sequence focuses on the hamstrings and hips, taking time to really hold the poses to create a feeling of strength and openness in this area of the body.

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  • Easy Hips: 110:00
    Easy Hips: 1

    Leila Sadeghee

    Tight or painful back, legs or hips? Take this easy series with Leila and benefit from this easy to follow straightforward routine. Easy and effective pain relief and maintenance for those of you who are new to yoga, who are working with injuries or those with very limited time. Props: Yoga block or stack of books. Yoga belt or tie/scarf.

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  • Protect & Recover 1: Lower Body26:43
    Protect & Recover 1: Lower Body

    Lizzie Reumont

    When you're recovering from illness or injury, start slow. Work through a very gentle recovery in this series from the ground up. This first class looks at the feet, ankles, knees and hips. Learn to understand how your body works and find and explore your own movement. This is perfect for those in the beginning stages of recovery or looking to strengthen weaknesses from past injury or illness. Warm up and move through stiff joints and bring overall awareness to the interconnectedness of the feet through the legs to the hips. This class takes place mostly seated in a chair and is accessible to most bodies.

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  • Pilates for Strength: Healthy Knees33:58
    Pilates for Strength: Healthy Knees

    Vanessa Michielon

    This well-rounded Pilates-inspired flow class helps to connect to the inner thighs and strengthen the muscles supporting your knees. This is vital to sustain your practice and prevent injuries. Expect a challenging flow for stronger inner thighs muscles as well as working the abdominal muscles. You will need a towel.

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  • Restorative Yoga: Pause to Feel43:00
    Restorative Yoga: Pause to Feel

    Adrianna Zaccardi

    This restorative yoga class is designed to cultivate awareness through the pelvis, lower belly and sacral plexus; the home of the creative energy centre (Svadhishthana). Poses in this yoga class focus on the back, the lower belly and the legs, and are intended to create space to allow the energy to flow fluidly through this energy centre. It starts with low lunges, moving to a restorative child’s pose and then you'll need a clear wall for ‘legs up the wall’ pose.

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