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This is the place to find a selection of videos that work for folks with weak or injured wrists or those that just don't like sun salutes! You'll also find some short classes to help build up, protect and strengthen those carpal muscles. We also recommend checking out our Yin and Restorative Section for more classes that are easy on the wrists.


  • Carpal Tunnel: How Yoga Can Help17:28
    Carpal Tunnel: How Yoga Can Help

    Lucy & Ben Parker

    In this anatomy yoga class, you will learn about the wrist joint and how we can develop carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a common complaint arising in our wrists that can often be quite easily prevented and alleviated. Discover exactly what the carpal tunnel is and some principals to support the health of your wrists. Lucy & Ben offer practical advice for your ongoing yoga practice both for those who currently have symptoms and for those who want to prevent a recurrence. NB: Please note that all advice and recommendations in this film are given generally and do not constitute any form of an individual diagnosis or treatment plan. A consultation with a medical practitioner or registered physical therapist is recommended. Try these wrist free classes.

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  • Butt Conditioning to Ease Back and Hip Pain12:10
    Butt Conditioning to Ease Back and Hip Pain

    Andrew McGonigle

    This short yoga class brings awareness and strength to the glute muscles which can ease tight hips and help ease lower back pain by strengthening and toning the Gluteal muscles, therefore creating more balance and support across this hips and pelvis. Practice this twice a week to support your yoga practice. You will need a block and a cushion.

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