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These short tutorials will give you a little heads-up on specific poses (Asana) which you may encounter. We've found them really helpful for fine-tuning, we hope you will too.


  • Restorative Yoga: What, Why & Using What You Have04:41
    Restorative Yoga: What, Why & Using What You Have

    Adrianna Zaccardi

    What is restorative yoga is and how it can have such a powerful effect on your overall wellbeing and life? This short video describes that despite the stigma of relaxation, this practice really is for everyone at every stage of their life. This is a radical practice. There is nothing quite as bold as making the time to be still. Don’t have blocks, or a bolster? Then this video is for you. Adrianna shows you how to use alternatives to yoga props during your restorative practice so that you feel empowered to rest now, with whatever you have at home.

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  • Fire Log Pose Tutorial07:09
    Fire Log Pose Tutorial

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    A short tutorial to help you find the Fire Log pose - Agni Stambhasana - a Yin yoga pose. Often folks struggle with their hips and knees, and it is easy to injure the knees if this pose is not done correctly, so it's worth taking time to get to know how to practice safely. Andrea also discusses modifications of this asana to make things really simple. You will need a block and a blanket.

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