Ash Bond

Ash Bond

Re-wild your mind! Ash loves to tell stories, explore them, and ask what they mean. The thing is, we’ve all got a story that will break your heart, make you sigh and make you fall off your chair in tears of laughter and joy. What is ours? Where is it held in our bodies?

Four years studying Classics at Oxford, a few more years as an English teacher, one book published, another in the works and a MA in writing, has given Ash notebooks full of daydreams, a bookshelf full of fairytales and a handy flair for weaving a tale.

An engaging and sincere presence, Ash invites you to embrace the blank page as a place of play and exploration. Her thought-provoking and accessible journaling sessions will guide you gently through creative visualisation, sensory description and short, focussed writing exercises.

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