Robin Watkins - Davis

Robin Watkins - Davis

18-Year-Old Robin Watkins - Davis is Britain's youngest yoga teacher who loves to share yoga, especially for teens. Teens and young adults have so much to benefit from starting a yoga practice, from reducing the stresses and anxiety that being a young adult brings, to learning how to breathe deeply through exam-time, to just being more body-confident. We think that yoga is an essential in the tool-kit for getting through early adulthood.

Robin’s teaching style is based on the traditional Sivananda hatha yoga sequence and adapted slightly to make it comfortable, relevant and accessible for young people. Robin keeps the classes scientific, fun and neutral in terms of descriptions and spirituality as wants to keep her teachings open and accessible for majority of young people. Her focus is to share powerful tools which enhance wellbeing, relaxation and empowers teens to take control of their minds and thoughts and not to get stressed and overwhelmed by their thoughts.

‘I am so excited to share these videos with you all on MFML… this has been a dream of mine for ages and I really hope they can help young people around the globe connect with themselves and find stillness and peace even if its just for 1 minute of sanity in todays rush!’

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